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Our honey

Our honey


We produce exquisite honey at Poggio del Fattore

We keep honeybees among our olive trees. Lisandro, our beekeeper, takes care of them every day.
Bees take nectar from the flowers (nectar is the clear liquid that drops from the end of the blossom), they return to the hive and pass the nectar onto other worker bees. When honey is ready, it is stored, until it is eaten.
Month after month there are different kinds of flower, so different kinds of nectar: the taste of honey depends on this. We have: millefiori (all flowers), acacia, chestnut.

Lisandro will be pleased to give you the opportunity to taste the honey and to see the bees.
Perfect for a delicious breakfast or with pecorino cheese.


Our extra virgin olive oil

It will be a pleasure for us to let you taste the olive oil we produce, together with the typical products of the local area.

Walking in the open countryside

Cultivated with olive trees, our land is connected to little villages and places of interest by dirt tracks, making a perfect frame for a beautiful walk in open countryside.


The magnificent natural panorama around Poggio del Fattore makes a perfect framework for those who wish to celebrate their wedding in a secluded, romantic spot.