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Our extra virgin olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil


It will be a pleasure for us to let you taste the olive oil we produce, together with the typical products of the local area.

Cultivating olive trees, harvesting and pressing the olives, these are the main farming activities on the estate, which produces extra virgin olive oil.

The area around the village of San Leolino is known for the high quality of its oil.

Poggio del fattore extra virgin olive oil is a classic tuscan oil, rich in polyphenols (natural antioxidants) and essential vitamins and with an oleic acidity of under 0,2%. It is made from olives picked by hand on the scope of Tuscany Hills overlooking the valley of Arno.
The estate has four hectars of specialized olive groves of the following varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Fiorentino.
The olives groves are planted at the altitude of approximatively 400 mt above sea level.
The ground is stony and terraced.
The olives are hand picked in November and December and processed by continuous cycle within 48 hours from their picking.


Our honey

We produce exquisite honey at Poggio del Fattore

Walking in the open countryside

Cultivated with olive trees, our land is connected to little villages and places of interest by dirt tracks, making a perfect frame for a beautiful walk in open countryside.


The magnificent natural panorama around Poggio del Fattore makes a perfect framework for those who wish to celebrate their wedding in a secluded, romantic spot.