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Arezzo is less famous than Siena and Florence, but it will surprise you in having conserved its mediaeval charm intact.

Among the many monuments to visit we would suggest the Basilica di San Francesco with its frescoes by Piero della Francesca.
A little further on you will find Piazza Grande (where some of the scenes were shot for "Life is Beautiful", the film by Roberto Benigni that won several Oscar awards.
The apse of the splendid Romanesque church of Santa Maria backs onto Piazza Grande and above it lies the Duomo.
We would recommend a visit to the Casa Vasari and the Casa-Museo Ivan Bruschi.

By car:
30 minutes drive.
Follow the signposts for Arezzo (don't take the motorway) and drive along the SR69 for about 30km/45 minutes by car. As you near the centre, follow the signs to the Pietri car park in the upper parts of the city. From here the escalator will take you to the Duomo.

In train:
From Bucine the local trains take about 20 minutes to reach the centre of Arezzo.


Wine tasting

There are numerous wineries in our region that produce excellent wines.

Shopping & Outlet

This area offers various opportunities for making good purchases, both in terms of typical local products and of fashion and design.


The weekly open air markets offer both food products and clothing, shoes and household articles.


Florence, for those who don't know it, it will be a thrilling experience, while those who have visited it already will be able to get to know and appreciate it even more.


Siena is characterised by its architecture in "cotto", the tiles typical of the area, and the splendid Piazza del Campo


The wonderful Piazza dei Miracoli is waiting for you!


There are numerous villages to see around Poggio del Fattore

Terme (bathing establishments)

Not far from Poggio del Fattore, there are famous thermal spas